Coromon Demo Normal Mode Speedrun in 1:19:10

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First recorded Coromon speedrun with a lot of optimizations to be made. Had a pretty solid first half with an early Mino encounter and decent fights but it all went downhill at Thunderous Cave. Luckily, I was able to somewhat remedy this and get a new record with a solid Power Tower. This can also be optimized further with better menu movement. I’ve been having a lot of fun with these runs and I highly recommend trying it out for anyone interested.

Difficulty: Normal
Text Speed: x3
Text Auto-Scroll: On
Always Run: On
Ask For Nickname: Off

Pathing Notes:
– Use Cubzero as it has the widest movepool at level 16
– Catch a Mino and trade it for Buzzy the Beezel
– Use the Lucky Gem to level Buzzy up to Level 17+ to outspeed Voltgar without Potential investment
– Avoid as many wild encounters as possible with Stinky Scents
– Collect money and sell items to buy Cakes for Voltgar


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