How to get a Perfect Starter | Coromon (Demo)

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24 thoughts on “How to get a Perfect Starter | Coromon (Demo)”

  1. i'll go out on a limb and say that the chance for a starter to be potent, is higher if it is the one the prof suggest to you based on your answers. Background for this assumption is that i wanted a potent Nibblegar and was just pressing away on the answers and i got a Toruga recommended and then there was one in potent. Some tries later and actively getting Nibblegar recommended, a potent Nibblegar appeared. Might be a coincidence might not, but felt like sharing it.

  2. In 0.4.3, I am getting coromon with blue exp WAY higher than 24. like 49 for example. Based on the calculations you put below, it seems that a higher exp would get you closer to 20 PV. Since 49 is way higher, wouldn't that mean the numbers have since changed? or should I still be looking for 24?


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