Who is the Best Coromon?

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I’ve received a lot of questions and comments about who I believe to be the best/ strongest Coromon currently available within the Demo. This video aims to both explore the coromon itself and why I believe it’s the best.

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How to Evolve Patterbit:

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Coromon Shiny System:

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28 thoughts on “Who is the Best Coromon?”

  1. The problem with Patterbyte is that he is a special attacker but all his attacks are physical. You can check the future moves of the coromon and as for now every move will be status or physical. On the other hand, I don't see any other coromon in the demo with the same potential as Patty. The one who gets closer is cubzero Evo.
    Amazing video though, keep up!

  2. Pretty Nicely Explained
    Patterbit—> Pitterbyte is the most important coromon to beat the demo atleast.
    Really Excited for Coromon to be released
    I mean I can hope 2021 will be awesome
    Kindred Fates alpha
    Monster Sanctuary
    Nexomon DLC and Custom
    Monster Crown new update already came ( Though I want the Atomic Clock tbh)
    TemTem Cipanku Island update
    Anitons Alpha

    I just can't wait to play all these and so much more on the way
    Its like 2020 is not so much bad after all coz it's a revolution for Monster Taming Community ❤️

  3. Guys, I also wanna try and sell Mino, because that thing is insane. Pair it's insane attack and speed with the fact that it gets one of the best abilities in the game (Motivated – basically Moxie but raises Physical and Special attack) and that it's the first in a three stage evolution line, and you get an insane beast on the battlefield.


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