Trying the Coromon Demo (Pokemon-like game)

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Another Creature-collecting/battling game similar to games like Pokemon and Temtem. The game plays pretty well and is scheduled to launch Q2 of 2020.

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8 thoughts on “Trying the Coromon Demo (Pokemon-like game)”

  1. Okay so your mom's got a room for herself, but I'm more amazed the protagonist ACTUALLY talks. I can't remember a single pokémon game I've played where you spoke out loud without being prompted and given dialogue options —the closest was PMD, and even then it was the protagonist thinking to themselves.

    I'm happy you get to pick difficulties in this game, I believe that will attract more people. You can also see the dedication and work put in the game by all that gorgeous pixel art, more so when you look at the animations inside the game; definitely a fresh take on the taming/capturing monsters, with new concepts. I'm just in love with the pixel art, sound and music.


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