THE NEW MODULE!? – Coromon

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26 thoughts on “THE NEW MODULE!? – Coromon”

  1. the battle and background sprites for this game are gorgeous. The idle animations have a lot more life than pokemon does nowadays. Not a huge fan of the overworld sprites though. The people's heads just seem a bit too long.

  2. I've already completed the game and In my opinion you should catch patterbit(potent),the eagle coromon(a potent one),a buzzer(potent one),the snake coromon,and a lunarpup and also a ground coromon which looks like a fox but a potent again, and I am telling you to catch potent ones because there much stronger than normal ones

  3. Ngl ive never heard a content creator say good luck when talking abt ppl going back to school. It's usually just "unfort u will miss content and streams" but never good luck, so thank u nick

  4. I have to agree. I love the fact the protag talks especially when I click on things to interact with and they say puns, its cute. I chose Cubzero for my starter, it was too cute not too!


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