Siralim Ultimate Crossover Featuring Monster Crown, Coromon and Monster Sanctuary! | Analysis

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siralim #monstercrown #coromon Eariler this month, Thylacine Studios announced that they would be collaborating with various other Monster Tamer …


12 thoughts on “Siralim Ultimate Crossover Featuring Monster Crown, Coromon and Monster Sanctuary! | Analysis”

  1. The most interesting aspects about crossovers like these for me would be how the monster fits in the different systems of the partnered game. Like, what skill trees would a monster from Siralim have if it was in Monster Sanctuary? How would it move? That kinda stuff. Part of me is immediately thinking about Monster Sanctuary's Purrserker (my favorite from that game) in Kindred Fates, but that's obviously faaaaaaaaar into the realm of fantasy considering Kindred Fates isn't even playable yet.
    I love the idea of this, too. The monster taming genre is, at this point, very indie-heavy, so building bridges between those developers sounds like a very good and achievable thing.

  2. Great video! I have played a lot of siralim so I think I understand the invisible trait. Basically it's a trait that gives you a chance to keep the invisible buff while attacking (so you can strike your enemies but they can't strike you). It doesn't have do with a spell it just keeps your invisible buff for their length instead of disappearing because you attacked. For example you could have an artifact that let's you start the battle with invisible. Also they must be other interesting invisible traits.

  3. Hey Gym Leader Ed, may I ask you a favor?
    You, as a fanboy of Siralim, can give me some reasons to play it?
    I can look at monster crown and, even with the retro sprites, see something that i'm interested in. The creatures are someway unique.
    But when I look to Siralim, I don't know… I think it's because the mosnters are not "mons", you know. Something as PokΓ©mon and Digimon, they have names as "Rock Ogre" or things like that (For the little I saw of the game), and the 1000+ creatures with a crossbreeding that is not like the Monster Crown's one for the designs, and for me they seems like random recolors.
    I'm not here for hate! For the truth, I want to give a chance to all this collecmon genre indie games, but Siralim for me is being hard to start.
    I hope you understad. πŸ˜‰

  4. Something I haven't seen mentioned in a lot of the marketing is the class system, where the summoner you play can provide different bonuses to your monsters in battle. Something I've wanted in pokemon for a while (such as being a breeder that can hatch eggs at a faster rate, have better odds to produce eggs with high IV's, desirable abilities, etc.) and I think it looks pretty awesome all around. Looking forward to it.


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