Power Tower Color Door Puzzle | Coromon (Demo) #14 END

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In this episode of Coromon (Demo) we again continue Power Tower puzzles and reach Titan this time.

Coromon is turn based monster catching game where you play as young hero joining the technologically advanced organisation of Lux Solis. Gathering your favorite Coromon to create a powerful squad. Together with your Coromon, you’ll have to train, fight and puzzle your way through an adventure-filled world!

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20 thoughts on “Power Tower Color Door Puzzle | Coromon (Demo) #14 END”

  1. Nope.. He show the code by show you the "4" number every code. "4" number mean perfect number every colour. If y'all realize that he show the "4" number and different colors. It's hard for me to explain.. But, check the screen sometimes if the professor change it and he show the number "4".. And the color is different. I did reach the top floor and the boss have 400 hp.

  2. Seeing that this video is getting traffic I'll say somethings:
    Firstly it's blind playthrough (as in I didn't know what and when would happen in game) so that's why I might have cut out useful stuff in this let's play. Or just I myself wasn't sure how I completed some puzzles in this game. But even with that cutting out it still work as walktrhough. At least for some puzzles and quests which I didn't cut out. Well basically this lets play wasn't intended walktrough, this let's play might work as walkthrough more or less. That's why I added it in tags.

    Now about channel:
    At the moment let's plays are on hiatus if not I didn't stop them completely. It's because of technical reason that I don't have good equipment. Which I used for this let's play and others. I like to have better equipment so I have better quality videos. Also I got tired when I needed to stop recording and restart when I think video file is close to 3 GB because screen recording software will save in multiple files if it's over 3 GB. So I believe with that there would be missing frames if not seconds.
    Plus I have storage problems at them moment. Yeah I had ordered memory card and tried setting up so every app would save files in it. But it got messed (or phone messed it) up and doesn't work anymore.
    And lastly I kinda don't have time. Well maybe I could find but I have part time temporary job. Well I could find time but I also need to do house chores after work (not always but most of days) and I believe that let's play videos should upload every day. At least for games that are story driven and really long. For example if I would I have uploaded this let's play one video per video then it would be finished in 14 weeks or in 3 months and 2 weeks so there would be people who can't wait for it finish. Of course mostly this let's play got traffic after it was finished so maybe it would be fine doing that. And that's another reason why it's better upload this kinda let's play videos every day. But it would fell that games will go forever if I would only play 20 min to 1 hour in week.

    I'm still making video if I have idea and want to make and if I have time. But of course I upload them when they are finished. Of course they are in different niche. Video might be gaming related or in some cases completely different.


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