Pitterbyte only Challenge.Coromon Demo Voltgar battle (sneak peak)

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Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/alexandru.juncan.7
Email: [email protected]
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Learn more about my schedules:

Current schedule:
Monday Extreme Lightcraft 4: the deserter
Tuesday: Something
Wednesday: Papa’s Sushiria to go
Tuesday : something
Friday : Papa’s Pancakearia to go

The following are all Minecraft series that will most probably come in the future:

-Minecraft Haunted swamp survival
-Minecraft House of secrets
-Minecraft Lumen:Power challenge
-Minecraft Farm Life

Seres that will begin when there is no non-minecraft series left:

-Papa’s Freezeria to go
-Papa’s Burgeria to go
-Kingdom rush vengeance
-Papa’s Bakeria to go
-Papa’s Scooperia to go
-Papa’s Caupcakearia to go
-Coromon (when full game comes out)
-Papa’s Pastaria to go
-Papa’s Pizzeria to go
-Papa’s Donuteriato go
-Papa’s Taco Mia to go
-Pewiepies pixelings
-Papa’s Hot Dogeria to go
-Papa’s Bakeria to go
-Papa’s Chesseria to go
-Papa’s Wingeria to go
-Pokemon quest


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