Monster Tamer News: New Nexomon Regions, New Coromon Reveal, Monster Crown Scout System and More!

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This week’s segment includes various new monsters, some new locations, some updated launch dates, etc. Honestly, a pretty solid week if I do say so myself. See below for some links to some related content, as well as patch notes and TLDR:


– 3 New Nexomon Lines + 3 Biomes Revealed
-Monster Crown introduces “scout system” + Updates Beta
-Coromon Demo build includes QOL and language updates. Also, New Coromon Reveal
-Kindred Fates Alpha Release Window pushed back
-Siralim Alpha Release Date Aug 10
-Monster Sanctuary Announces 6 Star Victory Rating
-Abomi Nation Adds Damage Calculator
-New Fire Type Aniton Revealed
-Ooblets Launched this week
-Hidden Ability Capsule Leaked for Pokemon SWSH
-New Mythren area showcased
-Ova Magica Introduces cross breeding?
-Temtem Hints at Starter Evolutions and New Temtem Revealed (sorta)

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End Screen Music: Coromon Ice Mountain Theme

Moving Background: Drake Jojo

Nexomon Extinction Trailer:

Monster Crown Scouting:

Coromon Has the Best Shiny System:

Kindred Fates Extended Trailer:

Upcoming Temtem You May Have Missed:

Monster Sanctuary Let’s Play:

Anitons Teaser:

Mythren Twitter:

ClaudiatheDev (Ova Magica)

Ooblets Trailer:

Coromon Demo Build:
Demo version 0.1.16 is now released for Steam (other platforms will follow)
-Added Spanish and Turkish as available language.
-You can now drag & drop your Coromon to quickly sort them in the menu.
-Minor improvements and fixes.

Monster Crown Patch Notes:
Closed Beta v1.423
+Synergy displaying again
+Mom no longer cheat swaps to the same monster to build synergy
+Saliskipper attack nerf
+Thug battle monster’s decreased again by 2 each
+Jawes DEF buff
+Considerable Roedra attack and magic nerf
+Laz DEF boost
+Rodask DEF boost
+Can no longer flee from thug cave battle
+Slight Gualop HP nerf
+Wild monster stat variability altered from +/-
+Bant now wipes out entire party in one hit
[6:40 PM]
+Monster can no longer be called to your side before getting it
+Piano steam whistle increased in audio
+Bant’s roar works properly before first battle with Beth
+NPC added just before Dew Cave now indicates the power disparity inherent between different species
+Kiry introduction won’t happen mid Jasper scene if you haven’t done it yet.
+Crossroads Duserp could end up on countertop
+infection no longer carries over to new monster
+After egg hatching you’re returned to the field menu to reduce clicks for avid breeders
+Sometimes water had no ripples, this should now be fixed but only affected certain screen/graphics card configs


19 thoughts on “Monster Tamer News: New Nexomon Regions, New Coromon Reveal, Monster Crown Scout System and More!”

  1. Thanks for the mention! Yeah, you can calc damage for Abomis on your bench or for the opposing Abomis, but still can only attack with your active one. In a roguelike setting, I wanted to give players access to as much information as possible.

  2. Ayo great vid man. Ty for the info. Also if u dont mind some unsolicited advice: add a little title watermark for any game ur covering in the corner while displaying footage and screencaps (unless the game footage already has one). Also times stamps in the description would be great

  3. Another awesome video Ed, hey have you seen The Hipster Snek's videos? He does videos on older games including a couple Monster Taming one's, his style reminds me of you analytical but fun. You should check him out if you haven't already, i'd love to see an collaborative video featuring the two of you sometime:)

  4. Really interesting developments in all the games. Also I can’t believe it took Gamefreak this long to create an item so you’ll get the hidden ability without sacrificing your original monster that’s been a stable feature in all fan made rom hacks but I guess better later than never lol 😜

  5. I decided to put some more time into Coromon yesterday after work. After being relatively lukewarm on it for its many many blatant copies from Pokemon (mostly moves, but also the long introduction sequence), I think I've finally come around on it. The music is amazing and reminds me of DPP days, but the whole presentation as well. I like to rave on about how sad it is that Pokemon BW's style of moving sprites wasn't used going forward, but Coromon has it right there and I was ignoring it.

    I know, very late bloomer here, but I'm actually hyped now. It's weird what one evening can do.

    Other than that, I can only say, I love how much there is coming in the genre, but man, I find it hard to decide where to put my time. A good problem to have, but still. That's one of the reasons I haven't even wasted any thoughts on Temtem. It looks amazing, but I think it's the beggest time sink of them all potentially.


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