Monster Tamer News: New Coromon Starter Evolution, Anitons Starter Evolutions Revealed, and More!

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In today’s segement we have quite a few new monsters and some patch updates. The list is as follows:

-Coromon Water Starter Reworked, brand new design
-Antions Nature and Water Type Starters Revealed
-Monster Crown devs elude to next content update, as well as new chromosome
-Siralim Ultimate Alpha updated multiple times to include bug fixes, QOL improvements and balancing adjustments.
-Nexomon Extinction Releases on Aug 28
-New Mythren Revealed
-Patch Quest adds various new mechanics to the game
-2 New Abomi’s Revealed
-2 New Cassette Beasts Revealed
-Kindred Talks Featuring Joey, mentions the potential for post-alpha Kinfolk updates
-Temtem Saipark Configuration is glitched. (not updating at proper time)
-Pokemon VGC actually bans certain overused non-legends
-New Ploxmons Gameplay Revealed

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29 thoughts on “Monster Tamer News: New Coromon Starter Evolution, Anitons Starter Evolutions Revealed, and More!”

  1. Hey I can’t help but notice in the video you say Apo has only one confirmed transformation. When that isn’t entirely true, there is an NPC in game that mentions giving Apo a certain item (some kind of growth themed item) that can transform it into a stronger form.

  2. Just discovered your channel, and I didn't know how much I needed something like this! The Monster-catching genre is growing pretty rapidly so it's easy to lose track of what's coming. Keep up the good work!

  3. it's so weird that so many monster tamer games are coming out or are in development and so many people are looking forward to them maybe it's the after effect of sword and shield's controversy idk i'm still waiting for a localization of yo-kai watch 4 🙁 btw i'm new to the channel so idk your stance but what's your take on sword and shield ?

  4. I was never a fan of Megalobite's original design, I felt it took away that epicity that a starter's final form needs. After this news, I no longer want to start with the fire turtle.

  5. Coromon: Megalobite was ashamed of the mockery and decided to hit the gym to prove himself. He’s a meaty boy now.

    Anitons: Let’s go, Zrotu! Congrats on getting to name an Aniton. If only you could have named it Ed, so, we can make sure Ed gets recognized in every possible monster tamer… 🤔🤔

    Cassette Beasts: Carnaviper is calling me. I love both it and it’s evolved for. 😄 Can’t wait to see more of Cassette Beasts as it gets further in development.

    Kindred Fates: Could you imagine if they decided to do a surprise kinfolk reveal in the alpha combat arena?

    SwSh: That was my initial reaction, too. I can’t believe they made a banlist of the most popular Pokémon in VGC and singles. I know every water type is rejoicing with the ban of Rillaboom.

    Nexomon: Please tell me it’s Friday. The wait is killing me lol.

    Abomi-nations: I already mentioned it in the discord server, but Pengweenie is just too cute haha. Easily my favorite design, so far. But then there’s Hamburble. Easily one of the most simple, yet, creative designs. A hamster that uses a bubble as a hamster ball is genius.

    Man, you were right, Ed. A lot of stuff has been going down in the world of monster tamers. I tried to break off my comment by game, and it still seems like a lot.

  6. Yay we made it this episode 😋 Btw we're not sure mobile ploxmons will be a thing anymore. Probably just going to be released for PC but there is tiny hope left for mobile.

  7. First thing i want to now can i cacth a potent lunerpup
    Seconde thing you can make a normal like the lunerpup to a perfect lunerpup or at least potent lunerpup at the second heleling senter up at the second flore

  8. Any coromon you catch in the demo 0.2.2, you can port over to the full version so be sure to catch lunarpup if you can.

    Coromon is very good overall so far. I love how the characters use the emojis for emotions. Also, i love the typing system. Though i wish they would add steel types in the next demo. There are currently 13 types : poison, fire, heavy, air, water, magic, ice, ghost, sand, electric, foul, normal, and cut(skill only).
    Also, there are double wild battles so be sure to stock up on spinners. Spinners are devices used to catch coromons. All of them in the demo can level up til 25. Also: Shiny system! I absolutely am impressed with it! Potent coromon are shinnies and perfect coromon are ultimate shinnies! I caught a level 6 potent Silquill. The legends in this game are known as titans.


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