LTV Plays – Coromon EP 2 – Taming Rare Coromon!

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Get in my fidget spinner you lovely shiny monsters!
The ability to catch rare coloured monsters is my favourite thing about these kind of games! Doesn’t it just make you want a full team of rare coloured monsters? I am yet to find a Perfect Coromon, but potent seems fairly easy to come by and I LOVE IT!!!

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Coromon is a monster raising, taming, capturing, breeding(?), collecting, role playing game! It appears to be heavily inspired by Pokemon, more specifically Pokemon games from the GBA era. The sense of nostalgia when playing Coromon is out of this world. Your journey starts as a young aspiring Coromon trainer that has recently been recruited into a team of Coromon researchers. The Coromon research facility ‘Lux Solis’ is where you truly start your adventure as a Coromon trainer. This is where you will be provided with all of the essential equipment required to become a Coromon trainer and also where you will be given the choice of three Coromon to start your adventure with.
What sets this game aside from previous monster raising titles is the ability to set a difficulty level. This allows players to customise how they can play the game. You can choose normal to play the game the default way, as it was intended to be played. Easy for an easier experience which would have a larger focus on story progression. Hard for what is essentially a Pokemon styled Nuzlock run, in which your defeated coromon will return to the wild! Finally, for the truly elite Coromon trainers, there is Insane Difficulty, which is truly an insane challenge, in which the previous rules from hard mode apply, along with a few extra rules to add an extra level of challenge!
Another addition to Coromon which makes it unique, is the ability to manually distribute your monsters stats when they reach certain levels. This allows you to fully customise your Coromon and assemble the ultimate team of undefeatable monsters!
The art style of this game is absolutely beautiful and extremely reminiscent of Pokemon games from the Game Boy Advance! It captures the nostalgic feel perfectly!
This is an ABSOLUTE must play for fans of Pokemon! There is also a lengthy demo available absolutely FREE!!!

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5 thoughts on “LTV Plays – Coromon EP 2 – Taming Rare Coromon!”

  1. You can get a shiny starter if you softreset and it also display this stars effect in overworld.
    From my experience of this game, shiny hunting for the perfect Coromon is very hard but it depends sometimes on luck.

    Potent Coromon isn't really hard to get but sometimes it's really frustrating when it doesn't appear.


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