Looking At the Coromon Starter Evolutions

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In this video, we cover the various evolutions to the coromon starters. If you haven’t seen my video going over the base forms, I highly recommend you do, as this video acts as sort of a sequel to that.

Steam Demo:

Looking At the Coromon Starters (Base Forms)

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37 thoughts on “Looking At the Coromon Starter Evolutions”

  1. Overall, very solid designs! Kinda expected the water starter to get something, more, you know, slim by evolving? but "big shark go chomp" I guess, works too. Fire is overall awesome and fitting, and Ice, while I didn't like it at first, the final evo is awesome.
    Keep up the good videos, and glad you expanded your game coverage recently with Abomi Nation ^^
    EDIT : would have been a though choice between Tirogua and Nibblegar, but Megalobite has a weird charm, and I love it

  2. Kinda disappointed in the evos honestly, seems like they are just grown up versions, which does seem natural but is a little bit boring.
    Personally I like the bear the most because although generic It's still a godamn polar bear with ice armor, I also think its traits are both amazing for potential PVP, sheer damage and inability to be shut down as a sweeper are both good. Ice types are usually pretty generic as there isn't really much you can do with a type literally based on frozen water which is why I'll probably go for this one

    2nd is the Chonk shark, I was hoping for a more slim flying design but it's definitely unique, shark snorlax with a dope hoop ear ring is definitely enduring and it has multiscale so he will definitely be a great choice, problem is that I think his other two traits kinda suck. Another reason I don't like him as much is water types are pretty common in most monster tamers, early and often so chances are I'll just get something else. Chonktoad seems very similar to this though so it gets docked points there when I could literally have the same thing but a frog.

    3rd is the fire bulbasaur, Eh I just think its kinda opportunity cost alone that makes me give up on this one, firey rock lizard just seems boring when fire types are usually interesting, stuff like a blazing bull and walking volcano seems more up my alley.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Edit: Shark has hit the gym, new favorite.


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