Journey Back Home | Coromon (Demo)

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Dude, where’s my mom?

With the new update rolling in, we have some exciting things. Here’s what you can expect from the new update:

“- Italian language has been added
– New prologue
– New Stink module has been added
– You can configure quick actions when holding the pause button
– Coromon’s trait and stat info is added to the database
– Hayville’s Trainer Hub now has a bending machine
– Megalobite has a new appearance
– ‘Shed Skin’ trait is now ‘Molter’
– The PC in your bedroom now has a mini-game installed
– Increased base text speed
– LuxLocator has been replaced with the Evo Block item”

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13 thoughts on “Journey Back Home | Coromon (Demo)”

  1. Wait,Dexter is the character when the previous prologue in the previous update. He is the man who with us in the train when we until in lux solis?! (Sorry for my very bad english)

  2. The last update changed a couple of things, the biggest change was that the player's mother was changed by dexter (your rival) and the second was a device that the man who is on the second floor of the library gave us in the public where is the second teleporter in a teacher's basement, that device was to search for invisible objects but it was changed by another device that consists of canceling the evolution of a coromon…


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