Jochem Rematch | Coromon (Demo)

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I have no words to describe this fight…
But I’m really excited to see how far this game is going to go. I’m psyched to see all the challenging battles, all the crazy setups, and the new locations. This fight was definitely worth every fainted Coromon. Hahahaha!

Only some Coromon were injured in the making of this video.

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19 thoughts on “Jochem Rematch | Coromon (Demo)”

  1. Which stat did you raised on your Lunarwulf?
    You see.. I'm confused because Lunarwulf highest base stat was Sp.Atk while his skills up to Lv.25 has 2 physical and 1 magic skill.
    His max Atk base stat was literally half of the Sp.Atk.

  2. I fight Jochem and Marcle, their level is 50 , All my Coromon is level 25 and all of them are potent except sheartooth. I use
    1. Sheartooth ( mainly for his Splash ability )
    2. Pitterbyte ( I use his Download trait so his Attack stat increase and fight the enemy's using their own attack stat)
    3. Bazzer ( Because his tanky , his thunder skill and body slam )
    4. Mino ( To fight against Cubzero last form )
    5. Digmow ( To fight Bazzer second form )
    6. Lunarwulf ( to fight against Ecliptor )

  3. I have a all bug type/non bug type cuz there is no bug type (if you get what I mean) I hope
    That ice and lava places will come out soon cuz I am craving for that new ice , water and lava coromon
    Will come out soon 😄


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