How To Get the 4th Starter Coromon

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This is your guide to the elusive 4th starter coromon.

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37 thoughts on “How To Get the 4th Starter Coromon”

  1. A troll? Perhaps, but the fact you start with a Lv 10 Patterbit, whose Feeler move gives you a good punching power… it's brilliant in my opinion. Plus, if all Coromon will be available on a single run, I don't see an issue with losing your starter (Except if you let go a Potent/Perfect lol, I found it funny you got a potent in a run that wasn't meant to be taken seriously).

  2. Hey guys just wanted to say that i played my first time and before getting my starter i went there and they let me keep the patterbit. So if you go there first then get your starter you can have both and dont have to give up your starter.


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