How to get potent potential coromon as one of your starter rare coromon…easy trick.

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And the starter three coromon are rare coromon and besides these 3 coromons there is only one rare wild coromon in demo version as far as i know…so be sure to get higher potential version of your favorite rare coromon through this method.

Note : i have yet to get perfect potential coromon through this method…but if someone get it please comment.


26 thoughts on “How to get potent potential coromon as one of your starter rare coromon…easy trick.”

  1. damn…i did not know a trick like this…looks like i have to make a new game..but i think it's worth it cuz as you said…these three starter coromons are " RARE " coromons so their stats and abilities are better then common and uncommon type coromons…i'd make sure at least get potent teruga since hes my favorite.

  2. After about 3 or 4 hours of doing this I finally got a perfect tortuga!! Getting the potent ones aren't too bad but perfect ones take a while. Unfortunately, I really wanted a perfect cubzero instead :((

  3. I got mine first time I was just doing the intro got to choosing the starter and when it came to the ice type one it glittered then im like oh it must be because of the test results so I picked that one….I'm so glad…

  4. If you are hunting for a perfect starter, I found this little neat trick to save you some time. As you do not have a potential reader yet, you can't know the PV of your starter coromon. So to be sure you would have a perfect coromon you would have to grind till you find one right? No, instead of going for the 1/3194 chance of getting a perfect starter, try finding a 20 Potential Value coromon starter (this PV of 20 can then be upgraded to a PV of 21, meaning a perfect coromon, in the trainer hub on donar Island with the potentifilator). There is a way to know that your coromon has a potential value of 20, after getting a potent starter look at the stats of your starter coromon. When it has 24 potential exp (blue number) left till it's next potential level then you have a coromon starter with a 20 PV. If it has 49 potential exp left till it's next potential level it has a PV between 15-17, if the coromon has 40 potential exp left till it's next potential level it has a PV between 18-19. Hope this helps you out and save you a lot of hours.

  5. Just an FYI you can save the game literally one pace from where you trigger this NPC to begin the conversation that gets you your first Coromon and you can still reroll for a Potent or a Perfect. Since the chance for a perfect is like 1/3600 I didn't have the patience so went for a potent.

  6. I got a potent Toruga without realizing it. I didn't see the sparkles and I picked the fire starter cause I usually go for the fire starter. I only realized it was potent when I looked at it in the menu. I thought the starters were either always potent or just had a high chance of being one. I guess I just got stupidly lucky to get a potency 19 one, well after I raised its potential up with that potentifier thing.


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