How to Evolve Patterbit in Coromon!

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In this video we go over the simple, yet noteworthy method for evolving Patterbit into Patterbyte in Coromon. Coromon currently has a free demo both on Steam and Mobile for those wondering 🙂

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18 thoughts on “How to Evolve Patterbit in Coromon!”

  1. The evolved form reminds me of the flying sligs from Abe's Exoddus. I love little sidequests like this that really make you interact with the world, the more the better, reaching a level is kind boring IMO.

  2. Bro just came here to see your work and suddenly you have plays 1k followers since like last week sor something. Congrats bro! It is nice to see Coromon videos as well, I'm crazy hyped for that game

  3. I hate its design and released the potent one i got for free.. Then I stumbled on a perfect one randomly in the wild.. All that luck for this ugly thing. 😂 Then I grind for days for a perfect mino.. With no luck.. 😂😂😂


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