Gauslime Guide | Coromon (Demo)

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OST: Coromon – Thunderous Cave by Davi Vasc
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Electric slime that packs a punch! :3

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These languages are supported in the Discord server: Chinese, Croatian, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Indonesian, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Portuguese, Russian, Turkce, & Romana

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10 thoughts on “Gauslime Guide | Coromon (Demo)”

  1. I found a Potent coromon with 19 PV, i saved before bringing it to Oleg and raised only 1 PV but i can restart the game 'cause i saved before using the Potentificator but i keep getting 1 more PV. Does this means i can't get it to be perfect? I wanna save my Potent Scents.


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