Every Coromon Type Explained!

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In today’s video we explore the various types that exist within Coromon and how they’ll interact with one another. Coromon Features a wide variety of types including both elements and specific themes. I attempt to explain why each type interacts the way they will and which Coromon are currently part of each type. I specifically used the wiki for the inclusion of various Coromon.

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21 thoughts on “Every Coromon Type Explained!”

  1. I really like the idea of skill types and the fact that STAB is only 25%. Both work to make large damage multipliers less accessible, which might open up the playing field for more interesting interactions and also kind of balances itself because stuff can't as easily oneshot each other (something modern Pokemon and the old Nexomon suffer from for example).

    Some of the typings don't make much sense to me though at the moment. Normal in particular is way to wide in definition. Granted, the Pokemon player in me is speaking here, but bugs are very different in physique and other properties than mammals or little machines (like Patterbit). Bugs are easily damaged by fire or ice, where mammals or machines don't mind the cold or hibernate. Idk, just stuck out as weird to me.

    The other is Cut. I like the idea of it, but I immediately thought of Persona's/SMT's physical triangle with Cut, Pierce and, I think, Blunt. Idk, Cut on its own feels a little incomplete, but on the other hand, types like that feel like they'd need an extra chart based on hardness/fluffiness of the target.

  2. Since chomp is the one foul type move, I think the most logical way to think about it would be as a source of infection. So water, being vulnerable to bacterial and viral pollutants, is weak to foul – think garbage and feces and rabid animals. Poison, on the other hand, would be more like… well actual ingested poison, or injected venom. It's a chemical agent that acts through metabolic pathways. Ice coromon, having presumable slower metabolic rates, would therefore be less susceptible to poison.

  3. Cool just explaine my lunarpup was a normal i hade 16 wen i got to the second heleing senter uif the pc box i got up stares and talk to to guy to the right the wen he finish uif my lunarpup it got to 17 and now is potent and the color change

  4. Poison is ineffective against ice cuz it's a slower process, in order for poisons to be more effective, it needs to be able to flow through your body fast, thus it needs to be warm, the colder something is, the slower your blood abd thud the poison moves

  5. I think poison is weak to ice because animals in cold areas have a thick layer of fat around them. This layer prevents cold but also prevents poisonous bites from getting to the veins, making the poison useless. This is why venomous nimals arent seen that much in cold areas

  6. Heavy:
    Idea is that in Whales, fat or blubber is used to insulate their body from the cold, thus warming them up. Heavy Type is strong against Coldness or Ice because of this, and try heating that poor whale and lets see how well it can disperse that Fire or Heat.


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