Cubzero Evolves – Insane – Coromon Demo E9

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Coromon is a modern monster taming game with retro pixelart. Coromon brings an immersive storyline, strategic turn-based combat and challenging puzzles to a classic genre.


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7 thoughts on “Cubzero Evolves – Insane – Coromon Demo E9”

  1. The flashlights are completely removed from the game and replaced by the helmet. Too many people struggled with using them. But people will get a unique demo-player headgear when they have a completed demo file present 🙂

    Perfect encounter rate is around 1/3200, but did you visit the upper floor of Donar Island Trainer Hub already? There's some useful machines there if you have spare gold and want to increase Potential 🙂

  2. do u have the golden gauntlet yet? to get it u have to have that push thingy on ur gauntlet if u do go to the lux campus R&D lab go to the last room on ur left and u will see that push thingy go to it and u have to push the thing untill u get 100 point than on ur left of the office u will find a gold chest unlock it than you will get a gauntlet coupon gat it then go outside R&D and go to the difficulty office and chat with the lady and she will give u the golden gauntlet if that gives u a normal gauntlet go to the entrance of hay vill and when ur goin do go to hay vill just go to the entrance then on ur left there will be trees go in the trees in someway and u will find a golden chest again open it then u gett another gauntlet coupon go to the difficuly office again than chat to the lady and she will give u gold gauntlet


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