Coromon The Power Tower

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NOTE This game is not finished yet and might change in the future


7 thoughts on “Coromon The Power Tower”

  1. lmfao lol thats why u dont depend on one that muuch xD
    n i reached lv5 of that yesterday with 6 of em 21 lv xD but still one mistake 3 of em are electric rip me x.x
    im havin trouble doin that lv5 aghh thats why i am lookin for a vid …i didnt had much trouble till now …tho there is a part in lv2 i cant reach n its not shown in any vid ive seen soo far rip….lookin forward to lv5 of that x.x

    p.s never mind me jus found it xD …after gettin dissapointed by not finding one of lv5 x.x ….damn me my randomness paid off xD


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