Coromon Potential Explained | IV and EV System

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In this video, we explore the Potential system in Coromon and how it differentiates itself from the typical IV/EV system in a game like Pokemon or Temtem. We go what the potential value is, how unlocking potential works and the chances of finding a potent or a perfect. Let me know in the comments if you prefer the Coromon System or the Pokemon System. I personally Coromon’s system more simplistic and less overall hoopla. You don’t have to look for specific coromon to increase specific stats, you can just grind against anything and unlock the potential points to your liking. You also don’t have to worry about convoluted phrases or IV calculators as there is an in-game item that tells you the potential value of your coromon and again there is only 1 value you have to worry about.

Coromon Has the Best Shiny System in Monster Taming:

Coromon Starter Evolutions:

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20 thoughts on “Coromon Potential Explained | IV and EV System”

  1. Coromon is easier to understand and easieer to obtain a perfect coromon and shiny monster.
    The systems like pokemon or temtem is done with the porpouse of being more difficult to obtein a perfect pokemon and you need put effort and time and you need understand the mechanics of the game . They what you feel you achive something valuable and difficult and obviously they what you to stay more time playing.
    The system of coromon is more casual is easier to undersand and a lot easier to obtain a perfect and shiny coromon.
    I personally dont like stay hours grinding and breaking eggs to obtain a perfect iv pokemon or temtem and then have to train the ev too, I like the coromon system better for me but I can see a lot of hardcore players dont gonna like this.
    I belive coromon is more focus in the single player and the story and not in the competitve aspect , if this is the case I think a more causal system is better for them.

  2. Watching videos on high potential coromon to hype myself up when I eventually find a perfect. Currently hunting a perfect starter, it’s been two days n still no luck 🙁

  3. Could you make a video explaning where is better to spend the points when the potential levels up? I saw people saying to invest all points in speed. Is It correct?

  4. I personally hate any system that makes me have to go out and grind for hours to find that 'perfect' one for competitive stuff. It's not that you achieved something special, it's that now you HAVE to.

    Sadly I, and others, are no longer kids with unlimited free time outside of school. My ever fluxing work hours and general life stuff leaves me with limited free time to enjoy myself. I'm not the only one with that issue. But outside of even that, it just feels…bad in games like this where you get your monster you like and then find out "Oh, you could be so much better…but not YOU. Not the one I've spent time with, that I've had pull me out of some tough spots. I have to get a better YOU." They're just pixels, but it's still a little sad and not in line with the feel most monster taming games give of "This is your monster and it's with you through any tough situation you find yourself in."

    While this system does tone down the grind a great deal, it's still not really ideal for both of my issues with that sort of system. I still prefer it leaps and bounds over Pokemon's system though. Oh, and the stat selecting? That's great. Though I do hope that it's not limited to just one reset in the end.

  5. First thing i want to to can i cacth a potent lunerpup i i got the potent
    Seconde thing you can make a normal like the lunerpup to a perfect lunerpup or at least potent lunerpup at the second heleling senter up at the second flore

  6. Coromon system is the best you don't have to grind too much especially if you want a specific stat to raise you can just manually invest and it makes leveling up easier since you don't have to battle a certain coromon to get a stat bonus


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