Coromon – Potent Scent

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5 thoughts on “Coromon – Potent Scent”

  1. Hello Major! Nice vids! Quick recommendation, you should play unturned record unturned in fudgy's server! (Those mushrooms are good tho). Not hating, but a recommendation.

  2. Oh men I know you havenโ€™t played coromon for a while but I was playing and I realized that the thief trait that gives 50% more gold at the end of the battle and very robust, maybe itโ€™s a mistake, you count the first npc that you battle as soon as you leave the village of 98 gold after the battle, If you have a coromon that has the thief trait it will give 157 gold at the end of the battle, remembering that you can carry 6 coromon with you if everyone has the trait will give a total of 300% gold that in the race 300% 98 = 392 but that's not what happens in the game 98 + 50% = 147 147 + 50% = 220 220 + 50% = 330 330 + 50% = 495 495 + 50% = 742 742 + 50% = 1116 Remembering that silquil has an ability to steal gold this is the same combo with 300% because it steals the total coins you will earn at the end of the battle so it is 100% more This makes you using the ability to steal 1116 inside of the battle and more + 1116 after you win is = 2236 in total this goes for all battles that you have the 6 coromon with the thief trait I am sure that this will help many beginner players, I now have 21,359 gold, which seems to me a lot without mentioning the trait of the armed accumulator that has a 10% chase to get 1 random item of 13. Ok Ok if you want to make a video testing this and also explaining it Ok if I don't do all my work without nothing but knowledge thrown away in a game that almost nobody knows about. Exaggerated ending maybe this is the 7th channel that I leave this text do not let me down. i am using google translator i am BR I don't have a channel I don't know much about Engels


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