Coromon Perfect and Potent Shiny Hunting Guide!

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This video will act as your all in one guide to Coromon Shiny Hunting! I really hope it’s helpful and if so make sure to subscribe for more monster taming content!

Coromon Best Shiny System:

Coromon Potential Explained:

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31 thoughts on “Coromon Perfect and Potent Shiny Hunting Guide!”

  1. Great vid Ed, but a few comments on the video: there are actually 12 potent scents in the demo, 10 in the chest you showed, and 2 more hidden in the cave! Also, they have confirmed that Potent Scents will be available infinitely in the full game. There also are actually some exact values to the Potentiflator odds, for example, a 19 potential Coromon actually has an 8/3194 chance to become a perfect.

  2. if we find pefect in the demo and then what if theres a fully game come out. is the data safe? i wanna ask if no i dont have to waste perfect hunting. if someone know this pls reply

  3. One thing I would love to see in the full version is online battles, like when you are in game you go to an arena and it gives you the choice of online battles with actual people that are at the same level as you or close. What do you think

  4. I was doing the buzzlet quest and I had a buzzlet of potential 14. I gave it to that guy that upgrades the potential and then I got a potent buzzlet, and I didn't have that yet. Which meant I had to keep that buzzlet and catch another because I want all the coromon in the game (standard, potent and perfect all evolutions)


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