Coromon – Ice Mountain Route Soundtrack Teaser

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Traversing these snowy mountains will be a breeze with these cool tunes!


27 thoughts on “Coromon – Ice Mountain Route Soundtrack Teaser”

  1. This looks and sounds clean as heck! By the way, I heard that you guys (the developers and such) are working and hoping to release coromon this year. If you do hope to release it this year, then you guys should probably try to release it a bit faster, not trying to rush you guys, its just that its about to be december pretty soon so, I’ll be looking out for this games release.

  2. This is beautiful! Everything I've seen/heard so far is wonderful!. When the game gets finished is there any chance of setting up online battles or is the plan to keep it single player??

  3. I played a lot of
    'The Escapists' and this game has the same art style as that game and I'm a huge fans of Monster tamming games so yes , Can't wait for the Alpha version!


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