Coromon gameplay trailer

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40 thoughts on “Coromon gameplay trailer”

  1. The Game is too easy in the normal mode im not even used the cakes now im playing the game on PC and in insane mode but the game is really fun to play it is too good ( i get rekt at insane mode 🙂 now im playing normal mode )

  2. Just played through the demo! Absolutely in love with this game, expetially after playing pokemon moon not to long ago, genuinely hope this game gets alot of attention because i really got the feel that theres love and souls practically oozing from pretty much every aspect of it, and im playing the mobile version XD

  3. I love the games its so good the music are stunning the gameplay is amazing and many and i have lots of feedback for your game

    1.You should shorten the evolution to 17 so players cant get bored fast

    2. More grass types

    3.Make the walk speed faster but the running speed should be more dominant

    Anyways your games underrated


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