Coromon: Early Access/First Impressions/Is It Legit/Modern Pokemon-Like Take

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Coromon is a modern monster taming game with retro pixel art. Coromon brings an immersive storyline, strategic turn-based combat, and challenging puzzles to a classic genre.

• A compelling story with an interesting plot.
• Difficulty levels for an extra challenge.
• Epic boss battles to test your skills.
• Challenging puzzles to solve.
• Stat customization: customize your Coromon to match your playstyle.
• Character customization to create the perfect look for your character.
• 120+ animated Coromon.
• Unique regions to explore, each in its own theme.
• Beautiful pixel-art visuals.
• Original soundtrack with 50+ tracks.
• Multiple save slots and autosave functionality.
• Full controller support.

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4 thoughts on “Coromon: Early Access/First Impressions/Is It Legit/Modern Pokemon-Like Take”

  1. Interestingly i once played a game like this on broswer but it was also in beta and that was fun this game just tweak the monsters give the monster catch a different name than spinner haha change the animation when you find a monster also let each monster have like a roar but i hope to see the finish product


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