Coromon Developer Stream 2/8/2021

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In case you missed it, the two developers, Jochem and Marcel show off new areas, concept art, and reveal a new monster.
Apologies for the poor quality, a few programs got in the way of recording a few times in the first half but nothing important was covered up. The developers also had some issues with audio throughout the stream, sorry if it gets hard to hear.

0:00 Intro & Demo Battle
3:00 Game Prologue
25:45 Teleporter Concept
27:50 Burn Module
29:30 Spinner Concepts
33:00 Burn Module Part II
34:00 STINK Module
42:00 Pawbury Gameplay
50:10 Dunpod Reveal
52:30 Darudic Gameplay
1:00:00 Tremor Module
1:02:00 Gauntlet Concepts
1:06:00 Q&A


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