Coromon Demo: Woodlow Forest

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Woodlow Forest kicks my ass XD

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6 thoughts on “Coromon Demo: Woodlow Forest”

  1. Next time use the stinky scent you found. It is a repel 100% no encounters. Use a lux recall to bring u back to the starting town and buy some cakes. Route 1 is not long from the farm. Hope this helps you for next time.

  2. I'm also happy that you can find Potent and Perfect Coromon WAY easier than Pokémon's shiny system; while I get that the time and effort you have to spend for a shiny is rewarding to some, I find it really time-consuming and in the end I don't care for them (I mean, unless you hit the jackpot with perfect IVs and Shiny status, I understand there's no difference from other pkmn, stats-wise, thus is more like an add-on/bonus feature).

    The double and triple battle mechanic in the wild is also interesting. I remember double battles in D/P but only when you were going through the woods and another trainer stuck to you, so you both battled. Then in B/W & B2W2 double, triple and rotation battle where introduced, but only on select places and trainers. X/Y might have had the horde encounters in the wild, but I found it poorly balanced or simply annoying; the double/triple sounds more balanced and cool imho lol


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