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Welcome to the third part of our Coromon Demo Playthrough. Today, we’ll exterminate some bees and acquire the ability to move large tree trunks.

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5 thoughts on “Coromon Demo: THESE DAMN BEES”

  1. Loving the clips you include in the videos lol. So far I like the quests/side-quests given by the game. Other similar games always felt a bit too lineal with nothing to do on the side beside grind, and everyone knows that side-quests add more playtime & fun! (at least I love deviating from the main story to complete them).

    Looking at the function of your Coromon returning to the wild after being defeated, it'd be a nice feature to be able to encounter them later on (even if by a small percentage), evidenced by the nickname you'd give them. Maybe in the event of you and your Coromon having fought an X amount of battle and it being defeated.


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