Coromon #3 Gathering The Squad

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We Are Continuing The Adventure With coromon
This Time We Try To Capture Some Coromon And Gather Our Squad Also Comliting Some Game Quest I Hope You Like The Video If You Do Hit The Like Button and Share It With Your Friends Also Don’t Forget To Subscribe To My Channel
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3 thoughts on “Coromon #3 Gathering The Squad”

  1. This Is Bit experimental Since My Recorder Is Keep Crashing I thought Let's Put One Video Without Commentry To See What Response It Get Plus The The Game So Good I Think It Will Do Just Fine If Not Better Without Commentry So I Hope You Like It

  2. Tommorow I Will Upload My Last Pubg Video It Will Again TDM Montage But Better One And Why Last Pubg Video It Because You All Know Pubg Is Bannd In India Now We Don't Khow The Future Of Pubg In India Hope It Will Comeback Soon With Other Company Antil The We Will Give It Little Tribute Tommorow


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