Can I beat Coromon with just 1 Fiddly?

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another video,I’m back today with another Challenge run.Watch me Fight the world of Velua alongside 1 Fiddly and vanquish the evil that is Crimsonite!

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Music Used

0 00 Game theory Intro
2 11 Pokemon S/V Treasures of Ruin
7 13 Xack Ephase- Free tonight
9 32 Seiicubus-Watery graves remix
12 26 Pokemom masters EX- Koga battle
16 20 Blue Lock- “Spatial awareness”
17 03 madhujitv- C418- Aria math handpan cover
18 22 JJK- your battle is my battle
19 12 Oppenheimer- Can you hear the music 1h
23 33 Pokemom Sw/Sh Champion Hop battle
27 15 Random Meditation music I found
27 51 Paul Owen music- OPM Garou epic cover

0:00 intro
2:11 -Voltgar
7:13 -Illuginn
8:07 Plug
8:29 -Sart
9:32 Mirror challenge
9:47 Vermeer grotto
10:28 Fan art+Monologue
11:42 Double Centilla Fight
12:26 Light Sensei
16:20 Hozai
17:03 Triple A- fight
18:09 Arcta/uros Cutscene
19:12 Vørst
23:33 Quad Crimsonite Battle
24:10 Chalchiu
27:30 Splatter them to pieces Cinematic
28:17 Credits/Outro

None 🙂 I make videos at their own pace now,no rushing here However
Upcoming Videos: status moves only run,Making Coromon into dishes


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