Battle of Knowledge | Coromon (Demo) – Side Quest

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Reward: LuxLocator
This side quest will become accessible after saving Thomas in the Thunderous Cave. This is a test to see how well you know Coromon. The questions will be asked at random but will consist of these questions:

Q. Coromon of the same species always have the same Trait.
A. False

Q. A frozen Coromon has its Defense and Sp. Defense lowered.
A. True

Q. Which skill does more damage when used by a Toruga?
A. Cinder (40 power)

Q. What does the burn condition do to a Coromon?
A. Both

Q. Once your Coromon activates a newly learned skill, it will never be able to use the deactivated skill anymore.
A. False

Q. Which Coromon do not suffer from Accuracy loss in Twilight?
A. Ghost and blind Coromon

Q. A HP Cake (M) recovers how much HP?
A. 50

Q. What does a Mull Fruit do?
A. Restore SP

Q. When do Coromon decide to eat a Juba Fruit?
A. When HP falls below 25%

The LuxLocator will make hidden items shine for a brief second periodically. The LuxLocator is turned on at all times, so don’t worry about having to use it like any other item.

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