All Chest Coromon Guide

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All Silver and Gold Chest in Coromon. If you follow the video all the way through you should find every chest
0:00 Lux Solis Campus
0:17 Radiant Park
0:44 Hayville
2:11 Woodlow Forest
4:05 Donar Island and at (10 ; 21, post Umbra Noctis)
4:36 Thunderous Cave BF1
4:49 Thunderous Cave F1
5:51 Thunderous Cave F2
7:01 Thunderous Cave F3
7:30 Fuse Room
8:08 Power Tower F1
8:13 Power Tower F2
8:58 Power Tower F3
9:37 Power Tower F5
10:18 Power Tower F6
10:26 All Gold Chest


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