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Hey there everyone, welcome to a brand new series to the channel! We head further into the Thunderous Cave, in order to find the Scientist named Thomas.

Disclaimer: This video is for 13+, as there maybe swearing throughout

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2 thoughts on “AFRAID OF THE DARK | COROMON EP.6”

  1. Hey there everyone, I'm back after a couple of months hiatus. Between being on vacation, a death in the family and just needing to relax. I didn't get chance to upload, but we're getting back into Coromon. So I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to answer the QOTD!

  2. I have got to say that Richie was standing up to some punishment towards the end there, he put in the proverbial shift and game out of it stronger and better

    As far as game difficulty, it depends on the game that I am playing; for example the racing games that will be on the channel soon are done in the top tier levels so NASCAR is on legend difficulty and F1, when that starts next week, will be on 100/110 which is a step shy of the start of legend difficulty but TSW2, that has no difficulty level, that is determined by the scenarios we play


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